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Costs and prices for surgery in Spain

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If you are interested in finding out what it costs to have surgery in Spain, see the table below. For other countries, we suggest that you take a look at the price tables for surgery abroad on our Treatment Abroad site.


The average price in the UK for a hip replacement is around £8,000, but in Spain you could save around 30% and pay only £5,700. 


The cost of accommodation and flights needs to be included in the overall cost, but you can still make significant savings % on the equivalent surgery in the UK.




Typical UK price in a private hospital

Typical price in Spain

Cataract removal






Coronary angioplasty



Coronary bypass



Cruciate ligament repair



Gall bladder removal



Haemorrhoids removal



Hip replacement



Hip resurfacing



Total knee replacement



Prostate removal



Surgical varicose vein





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Last modified 19/10/2008